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    Texas CEI Firm Streamlines Fund-Tracking and DOT Reporting through Appia®

    Discover how a Texas CEI firm streamlined fund-tracking and DOT reporting through Appia®. The PM’s team used a mix of paper reports and Excel spreadsheets that had to be manually maintained and physically transferred from the site to the field. To gain efficiency, the PM began looking for a system that he could use on local projects that was comprehensive enough to meet DOT reporting requirements. Infotech’s Appia was the solution that also meets Federal requirements.

      BIM for Infrastructure

      Information is key and BIM is not new to the infrastructure industry. For years people could refer to the robust 3D renderings generated from BIM software. But at its core, BIM is about building a better blueprint with all the information and technology available to us today. By funneling in data from e-Construction platforms, BIM brings all of this information together to provide a holistic view of the transportation asset.

        Infrastructure Bill Survival Guide

        Everything you need to know about the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and what it means for incoming project funding is in this guide. Inside the guide you’ll find an overview plus what this once-in-a-generation investment means for the heavy civil construction industry. Get insight into expected reporting and documentation requirements, impacts by sector, and key challenges that agencies, contractors, and firms face when managing federal funding. With $20 billion in discretionary grant funding expected by the end of next… Read More »Infrastructure Bill Survival Guide

          Infotech Blog: Statewide e-Bidding Laws Set New Trend

          Dive into an overview of recent states that are leading the way in e-bidding legislation and look at the benefits that are persuading state and local governments to embrace the technology. Electronic bidding for infrastructure construction projects and general procurement is surging in popularity across the country. This rise in usage is supported by several states that have passed specific legislation regarding e-bidding. By legislating electronic bidding from the top down, these states can generate buy-in amongst contractors and bidding… Read More »Infotech Blog: Statewide e-Bidding Laws Set New Trend

            Bid Express Features and Benefits Guide

            Why should you choose Infotech for Internet Bidding? Infotech’s Bid Express® service is an ideal SaaS solution for construction and general procurement solicitation management, including Requests for Bids (RFB), Proposals (RFP), Information (RFI), or any other solicitation process that requests pricing, product, service information to be digitally signed and delivered in a sealed, secure manner. The system provides the ability to assemble, advertise, and accept solicitations over the Internet.

              How GIS Data Is Impacting Design and Construction

              By Steve Jones, Senior Director, Industry Insights Research Our physical world is a rich three-dimensional experience. While architectural and engineering design tools have been dramatically advancing to engage with 3D more effectively, geospatial (GIS) information has also been evolving from 2D maps into detailed surface, subsurface and land use datasets and visualizations. Now these exciting advancements are joining forces to provide fully informed 3D contextual environments.   The Industry Insights Research team at Dodge Data & Analytics recently released a study… Read More »How GIS Data Is Impacting Design and Construction

                Artificial Intelligence Increasingly a Reality on Job Sites

                “Open the pod bay doors, HAL.” From the creepily calm HAL 9000 in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey to the trigger-happy WOPR computer of WarGames, most everyone knows the trope of artificial intelligence gone awry. On today’s construction sites, however, the prospects for AI appear to be far rosier. A recent article in EnterpriseAI spotlights three new job site technologies that promise to improve construction safety and efficiency, without all the murder and mayhem. One of them, from Buildots,… Read More »Artificial Intelligence Increasingly a Reality on Job Sites

                  Indian Megacity Mandates On-Site Construction Waste Recycling

                  India, one of the world’s most rapidly growing economies, is projected to grow 12.55% in 2021, according to Nasdaq. The country’s construction sector is more than keeping pace, and is expected to grow 13% in the same period. But growth comes at a price. A new report from a Delhi-based nonprofit, the Centre for Science and Environment, estimates India’s building activity—construction and demolition combined—generates a whopping 165 million tons of waste per year. Despite the national government’s 2016 C&D Waste Management… Read More »Indian Megacity Mandates On-Site Construction Waste Recycling

                    The UN’s Latest Climate Change Report: Needs Improvement

                    The United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) releases regular reports on the state of the climate. The IPCC released its latest climate change report in early August. The document amounts to yet another warning to humanity about the terrible effects of our largely carbon-based energy economy. The New York Times summarizes the findings of the UN climate change report thus: “Nations have delayed curbing their fossil-fuel emissions for so long that they can no longer stop global warming… Read More »The UN’s Latest Climate Change Report: Needs Improvement