New projects near me in the U.S. as of 07/05/2021

    Written by Dodge on July 5, 2021

    New Construction Projects USA is a free listing of select new construction projects and construction leads from across the United States. Click on the project name for detailed information, or to get the complete list of construction leads and detailed information of all U.S. new construction projects in the Dodge Construction Central database, get in touch with Dodge by requesting a demo below, with the chat feature, or at 877-784-9556.

    RFP/AE: Birch Rd-Beverly Drive to Kalgin Drive ImprovementAKPaving
    POW Exterior Envelope ImprovementAKOffice
    Seward Military Resort RepairsAKMilitary Facility
    Zen Living Apartments with Swimming PoolALApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories Swimming Pool
    Pike Road HS Restroom RenovationsALMiddle/Senior High School
    RFP/AE: Grand Bay Senior Center UpgradesALMiscellaneous Recreational
    Allied Support Sun SheltersALMilitary Facility
    RFP/AE: Wynfield Estate Site and Building ModificationsALOffice Miscellaneous Recreational
    UAB IRF Site Utility RelocationALCollege/University Hospital
    ITEM: Roof RestorationALMiscellaneous Education Building
    ITEM: RFQ/AE: Engineering Research Center ReroofARCollege/University
    Polk County Jail ExpansionARPrison/Jail
    Barling Police Department RenovationARFire/Police Station
    RFQ/AE: Cemetery Expansion and DevelopmentARFuneral/Interment Facility
    RFQ/CM: Construction Management ServicesARMiscellaneous Education Building Site Development
    RFP/AE: Engineering ServicesARPaving Park/Playground Storm Sewer Water Line
    RFQ/AE: Additional Fire Bay at Fire StationARFire/Police Station
    RFQ/DB: Crowleys Ridge Technical Institute ImprovementARCollege/University
    RFQ/CM: Clark Park PoolAZSwimming Pool
    RFQ/CM: Clark Park Community CenterAZMiscellaneous Recreational
    RFQ/CM: Copper King Classroom RenovationsAZPrimary School Miscellaneous Education Building
    RFQ/AE: Major Crimes and SWAT/K9 ImprovementsAZTesting/Research/Development Lab
    RFQ/AE: Dave White Golf Course Irrigation SystemAZStorm Sewer
    RFQ/CM: Clark Park ImprovementsAZMiscellaneous Recreational Sidewalk/Parking Lot Park/Playground Storage Tank (Other)
    RFP/AE: Architectural and Engineering ServicesAZMiscellaneous Recreational Paving Site Development
    ORPI Housing 24 Drywall Plumbing Asbestos InstallationAZMiscellaneous Recreational
    Ehrm Infrastructure UpgradesCAHospital
    RFQ/CM: Jacaranda Hall ImprovementCACollege/University
    Ehrm Infrastructure UpgradesCAHospital
    RFP/CM: Riverfront Street Extension and 5th Street WideningCAPaving
    RFQ/AE: UCSF Infrastructure Programs Campus ProjectsCACollege/University
    RFP/LLB: Construct New Facilities IQCCAMiddle/Senior High School Miscellaneous Education Building
    RFQ/AE: Innovation Genomics Institute BuildingCACollege/University
    ITEM: RFQ/AE: DM Tan Hall Bldg Mechanical System ReplacementCACollege/University
    RFQ/AE: Hydraulic Engineering Services for Cache Creek TACCAFlood Control Site Development
    RFP/AE: New Domestic Well DrillingCAWater Treatment Plant
    RFP/AE: Jimenez Park Phase 3CAPaving
    RFP/AE: Architectural ServicesCAMiscellaneous Education Building
    Tower and Antenna Maintenance Repairs TMACC SOURCES SOUGHTCATower/Signal System
    RFP/CM: Broadway Sidewalks ImprovementCAPaving
    RFP/DB: (AB) 841 Energy & Water Conservation ServicesCAMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFP/AE: Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades and ExpansionCASewage Treatment Plant
    RFP/AE: Southern Pacific Depot Freight Room RenovCAPassenger Terminal (Other)
    RFP/CM: Construction Management Support ServicesCAPassenger Terminal (Other)
    RFQ/GC: 2021/2022 Lateral Replacement Grant Program IQCCASanitary Sewer
    RFP/AE: Affordable Housing DevelopmentsCACustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
    RFP/LLB: Sanger Educational Center PH2CAMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFP/AE: Architectural Design and Consulting Services IQCCACustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
    RFP/AE: Safety Improvement High Crash UnsignalizedCAPaving Site Development
    RFQ/AE: Landscape Architectural ServicesCAMiscellaneous Recreational Park/Playground Site Development
    Central Plant Boiler 3 Emission ImprovementsCAHeating/Cooling Plant
    Minor Capital Maintenance and Repair ProjectsCACollege/University
    ITEM: SSLH Fire Alarm PanelCACollege/University
    RFP/AE: Magnolia Blvd North ImprovementCAPaving
    RFP/AE: Pedestrian Countdown Signal Heads &Pavement MarkingsCARoadway Lighting Paving
    RFP/AE: Local Roadway Safety PlanCAPaving
    RFQ/AE: Central Plant and Campus Utilities ImprovementsCACollege/University
    RFQ/GC: Replacement area A, B and C of the Asphalt Parking LCAPaving
    ITEM: RFQ/GC: Demolition and Related Services IQCCAOffice
    ITEM: RFP/DB: Automated Vehicle and Pedestrian GatesCACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
    RFQ/GC: Rancho Mission Viejo Riding ParkCAPark/Playground
    RFQ/AE: 2022-23 Traffic EngineeringCAGuidance Detection Tracking System Paving
    Airport-Boyd 115-Kv Transmission Line RelocationCOElectric Substation Power Lines
    RFQ/AE: Sewall Hall MaintenanceCOCollege/University
    RFQ/AE: Cockrell Crosman and Reed Halls MaintenanceCOCollege/University
    RFQ/AE: Fire Alarm & Building Skin MaintenanceCOCollege/University
    RFP/AE: Security Vestibules District Wide Pkg #1COMiddle/Senior High School
    RFP/CM: Government Center Space Utilization Phase 3COOffice
    RFP/DB: Hafc Home Exhibit ImprovementCOMiscellaneous Recreational
    RFP/DB: Wheeler Park LabyrinthCOPark/Playground
    RFP/AE: Affordable HousingCOCollege/University
    RFP/DB: Cottonwood Park Playground Walls ReplacementCOPark/Playground
    RFQ/DB: Employee Housing Development – Virginia Placer PH 2ACODormitory
    RFP/AE: Security Vestibules District Wide Pkg #6COMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFP/AE: Security Vestibules District Wide Pkg # 4COMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFQ/AE: Mack Wastewater Treatment and Collection SystemCOSewage Treatment Plant
    RFP/AE: North Avenue Enhanced Transit Corridor StudyCOPaving
    RFQ/AE: Right of Way Landscape DesignCOLandscaping
    RFP/AE: CR 738 and SH 135 Intersection ReconstructionCOPaving
    RFQ/AE: Traffic Engineering ServicesCOPaving
    ITEM: RFP/CM/GC: Electric Service LineCOMiscellaneous Recreational
    Minor Construction SOURCES SOUGHTCOMiscellaneous Recreational Site Development
    RFQ/AE: Fire StationCTFire/Police Station
    Mixed Use RedevelopmentCTApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories Apartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories Office Food/Beverage Service Retail (Other)
    RFQ/P/AE: Higganum Center Sewage Disposal SystemCTSewage Treatment Plant
    RFP/DB:Wilton Fire Department Headquarters Kitchen RenovtionCTFire/Police Station
    RFQ/AE: Water System Evaluation and DesignCTWater Line
    RFQ/AE: Architectural and engineering servicesCTCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
    Cisa Headquarters St Elizabeths West Campus SOURCES SOUGHTDCMilitary Facility
    RFP/AE: MPD 2nd District Headquarters ImprovementDCFire/Police Station
    RFQ/AE: Sussex Technical SD Capital ProjectsDERetail (Other) Middle/Senior High School Miscellaneous Education Building Athletic Facility
    Base PavementsDEParking Garage Paving Site Development
    RFP/DB: Utility Meters Upgrade ProjectDEWater Line
    Zone 9 MWR Pool and Recreation FacilitiesFLMiscellaneous Recreational
    Joint Ambulatory Care Center RenovationsFLHospital Paving
    Water Mains Building 1 UpgradeFLRoadway Lighting Paving Site Development Water Line
    Cape Canaveral Force Station Egress Roadway ImprovementsFLPaving Site Development Landscaping
    USCG Sta Fort Pierce Major Maintenance Repair SOURCES SOUGHTFLPaving
    RFQ/AE: Continuing Architectural Services IQCFLMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFQ/GC: Tallahassee Campus Job Order ContractingFLCollege/University
    RFP/CM: Construction Management ServicesFLCollege/University
    RFP/CM: Construction Manager ServicesFLOffice Site Development
    FDC Jail Dorm Renovations & New Medical AdditionFLPrison/Jail Clinic/Medical Office
    RFP/AE: Vehicle Maintenance FacilityFLVehicle Sales/Service
    RFP/AE: Architectural and Engineering ServicesFLMiscellaneous Education Building Miscellaneous Recreational
    RFP/AE: Martin TheaterFLTheater/Auditorium
    RFP/PM: Countywide Resurfacing & Sidewalk ConstructionFLPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
    RFQ/AE: Wtir Radio Station ImprovementFLOffice Miscellaneous Recreational
    RFQ/AE: Water, Wastewater Reuse SystemFLWater Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plant
    RFP/DB: Recreational and Civic FacilitiesFLMiscellaneous Recreational
    RFQ/AE: Storm Water and Gymnasium ImprovementsFLWater Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plant Bridge Storage Tank (Other)
    RFQ/CM: Public Works ProjectsFLMiscellaneous Recreational
    RFP/DB: SunRail Vehicle Storage &Light Maintenance FacilityFLVehicle Sales/Service
    RFQ/AE: Water Facility Instrumentation and Control SystemFLWater Treatment Plant
    RFP/AE: Engineering ServicesFLSewage Treatment Plant Paving Storm Sewer
    Fire Department Access Gate SOURCES SOUGHTFLAirline Terminal Site Development
    RFQ/AE: Mildred &Doyle Carlton Recreation Complex RenovationFLMiscellaneous Recreational
    RFP/DB: Fire Station 2 FacilityFLFire/Police Station
    RFQ/AE: Subsurface Geotechnical & Sinkhole RemediationFLFlood Control Storm Sewer
    RFP/AE: Advanced Metering InfrastructureFLWater Line
    RFQ/AE: Engineering ServicesFLSite Development Storm Sewer
    RFP/AE: Sidewalk and Bicycle Facilities Master PlanFLPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
    Mitsubishi of New Port Richey DealershipFLVehicle Sales/Service
    RFQ/AE: Engineering Services Tara Oaks IQCFLSidewalk/Parking Lot Site Development Landscaping Storm Sewer Sanitary Sewer Water Line
    RFP/AE: Gwinnett Justice & Administration Ctr Campus RenovtnGAOffice Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
    RFP/CP: Union County Primary School (Renovations)GAPrimary School
    RFP/AE: Yellow River Trail SystemGASite Development Storm Sewer Water Line
    RFQ/AE: Fire Department RenovationGAFire/Police Station
    RFQ/AE: Eastman City HallGACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
    Affordable Housing Development IDIQGACustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
    RFQ/AE: Eastman Police Department RenovationGAFire/Police Station
    RFP/AE: Coweta County Sheriff’s Office ExpansionGAFire/Police Station
    RFP/AE: Lawrenceville Street Water Main ReplacementGAWater Line
    RFQ/DB: Fire Station ImprovementGAFire/Police Station
    RFP/CM: Courthouse Slate Roof Replace & Exterior RemediationGACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
    Atlanta VAMC Wastewater Metering StationGAHospital
    RFQ/CM: Vovrc Irrigation System InstallationGACollege/University
    RFQ/AE: Landscaping Services IQCGALandscaping
    RFP/AE: Northeast Cherokee Area Parks and Trails Master PlanGAPark/Playground Site Development
    RFP/CM: Kuhio Highway RepairsHIBridge
    RFP/AE: HI/DOT: General Traffic Engineering Services IQCHIRoadway Lighting
    RFQ/AE: West Kings Highway Bridge ReplacementIABridge
    ITEM: RFP/AE: On-Site Solar Pv SystemIAMiscellaneous Recreational
    RFP/AE: ID/DOT: US 95 Spalding & US12 Arrow BridgesIDBridge
    RFQ/AE: Engineering ServicesIDMiscellaneous Recreational Park/Playground Storm Sewer
    RFP/AE: ID/DOT: I-84 Interchange ImprovementsIDPaving
    RFQ/AE: Airport Development ProjectsIDAirline Terminal
    RFQ/AE: Fire Stations RemodelIDFire/Police Station
    RFP/AE: ID/DOT: I-84 Karcher InterchangeIDPaving
    RFQ/AE: Idaho Falls Zoo Entrance and Gift ShopIDRetail (Other) Site Development
    RFP/AE: ID/DOT: I-84 Burley & Heyburn Interchanges ImprIDPaving
    Caribou-Targhee National Asphalt Trail ResurfacingIDPaving Park/Playground
    RFQ/AE: Architectural ServicesILMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFP/CM: Franklin Avenue and Green Street ImprovementILPaving
    RFQ/AE: Carbondale Office & Maintenance FacilityILVehicle Sales/Service
    RFQ/AE: Public Library RenovationILLibrary
    RFQ/AE: Engineering ServicesILPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Storm Sewer Sanitary Sewer
    RFQ/AE: South Morgan Street ResurfacingILPaving Site Development
    RFP/AE: Stations and Parking Facilities Northeast IQCILSidewalk/Parking Lot
    RFQ/AE: Proviso Drive Improvements PH IIIILPaving
    RFQ/CM: Congress Line Phase 1 Track ImprovementsILPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
    RFP/DB: Lions Park Playground Equipment ImprovementsILPark/Playground
    ITEM: RFP/DB: Audio-Visual SolutionsILHospital
    RFP/AE: 281st Street RehabilitationINPaving Storm Sewer
    RFP/AE: IN/DOT: US 31 Small Structure ReplacementINPaving Bridge
    Sanitary Sewer Improvements SOURCES SOUGHTINSanitary Sewer
    RFP/AE: IN/DOT: Sidewalks and ADA Ramps UpgradeINPaving Site Development
    RFP/AE:La Porte County Government Superstructure ReplacementINPaving
    RFQ/OR: New Public Health LabINHospital Testing/Research/Development Lab
    Air Traffic Control Tower SOURCES SOUGHTKSTower/Signal System
    RFQ/AE: City Hall Relocation and RenovationKSCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
    RFQ/AE: Clare Road ImprovementKSRoadway Lighting Paving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Storage Tank (Other)
    RFP/AE: Water Treatment and Disinfection ImprovementsKSWater Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plant
    RFQ/GC: Public Park FacilityKSMiscellaneous Recreational
    RFP/AE: KS/DOT: US-83 Paving ImprovementsKSPaving
    RFQ/AE: High Risk Rural Road Grant ProjectKSPaving
    RFP/AE: City Hall Greenspace ImprovementKSCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
    ITEM: RFP/DB: Downspout and Gutter ReplacementKSMiddle/Senior High School
    RFP/CM: Construction Management ServicesKYMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFQ/AE: New Buffington Bridge ReplacementKYBridge Sidewalk/Parking Lot
    Fivestar Convenience Store #7675 Paducah, KYKYSupermarket/Convenience Store
    RFQ/AE: Byers Ave Bridge RepairsKYBridge
    LA/DOT:I-10: La 415 to Essen Lane on I-10 and I-12 – Phase ILABridge
    ITEM: RFP/AE: Building 7 Roof ReplacementLAHospital
    RFP/AE: Louisiana International Terminal ImprovementsLAPassenger Terminal (Other)
    Police Station Flight Control Tower Repair SOURCES SOUGHTLAAthletic Facility Fire/Police Station Guidance Detection Tracking System
    RFP/AE: Interior Design ServicesLACustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
    RFP/AE: Primary Enhancements Parking LotLASidewalk/Parking Lot
    Mixed-Use, Mixed-Income Project DevelopmentLACustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
    RFQ/AE: Reno/Add, LA Governor’s Mansion, State Capitol ParkLACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
    RFQ/AE:Reno/Add LouisianaGovernor’s Mansion,StateCapitolParkLACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
    Hanscom AFB B1305 Repair/Renovation SOURCES SOUGHTMAMilitary Facility
    RFQ/OPM: New Construction Repair and RenovationMAOffice
    ITEM: RFP/AE/PM: Public Safety Building HVAC ReplacementMAFire/Police Station
    RFP/AE: Water Treatment Plant ImprovementMASewage Treatment Plant
    RFQ/AE: Russell Building Re-Use Planning ProjectMAOffice
    Roadway Systems and Parking Lots Campus Ph-4 SOURCES SOUGHTMAHospital
    RFP/DB: Mt Everett Regional School GymnasiumMAMiscellaneous Education Building
    Emergency & Regular Excavation ServicesMASite Development
    RFP/AE: FY 2022 Dam Engineering ServicesMAFlood Control
    RFP/AE: Multiple Construction Engineering IQCMDPaving Site Development
    RFQ/AE: 300 Fore Street RenovationsMECollege/University
    RFQ/AE: Athletic Facility RenovationsMECollege/University
    RFQ/AE: Existing Lagoons Sludge Dewatering DesignMEWater Treatment Plant
    RFP/AE: Traffic Signal DesignMERoadway Lighting
    RFQ/AE: MI/DOT: Interchange Ramps Us-131 Nb to Us-131 BsMIPaving Site Development
    RFQ/AE: 3D Arts ComplexMICollege/University
    RFP/AE: Architectural and Engineering ServicesMICollege/University
    RFP/AE: 70th Avenue Bridge ReconstructionMIBridge
    RFP/AE: Water Resource Recovery RehabilitationMIWater Treatment Plant
    RFQ/AE: Taxiway-Hangar Access RehabilitationMIRunway/Taxiway
    Community Living Center ExpansionMIHospital
    RFP/DB: DPW and Police Station Fuel TanksMIStorage Tank (Other)
    RFP/AE: Downriver Utility Wastewater Authority IQCMISewage Treatment Plant
    RFP/AE: MI/DOT: Bridge ReconstructionMIBridge
    RFP/DB: Dta Electrical Cable Repairs Base WideMIPower Lines
    Cured-In-Place Pipeline LiningMIStorm Sewer
    ITEM: RFP/AE: Expo Center & Field House Air ConditioningMICollege/University
    RFP/AE: 2022 Street Improvement ProjectMNPaving
    RFP/AE: Municipal Water Supply Treatment Plant City ImpvmtMNWater Treatment Plant
    RFP/AE: Moorhead Airport ImprovementMNAirline Terminal
    ITEM: RFP/AE: Schneider Theater Sound System UpgradeMNOffice
    Fort Osage School District East Campus AdditionMOMiddle/Senior High School Miscellaneous Education Building
    The Watermark at St Peters (Renovs)MOApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories Elderly/Assisted Living
    RFQ/AE: Greenspace Infrastructure & Planning ServicesMOMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFP/DB: Ward Pkwy Parking Lot Mill & Resurface IDIQMOPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
    RFQ/AE: New Docking/River Access FacilityMOPaving Park/Playground Dock/Pier Storm Sewer
    RFP/AE: Downtown Route Reconstruction and ImprovementsMOPaving
    RFQ/AE: Ash Street ImprovementsMOPaving
    RFQ/AE: Pavilion and Parking Lot ExpansionMOPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
    RFP/AE: County Road ImprovementsMOPaving
    RFQ/GC: Pantry/Help Center RenovationMOSupermarket/Convenience Store
    RFP/AE: Pedestrian Facility ImprovementMOPaving Site Development
    ITEM: RFQ/AE: Historic Courthouse HVAC ReplacementMOCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
    ITEM: RFQ/AE: HS & South Elementary Wing HVAC EquipmentMOMiddle/Senior High School Miscellaneous Education Building
    805 Monroe Street Housing RedevelopmentMOCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
    RFQ/AE: ESSER II & III Architectural and Engineering ServiceMSMiscellaneous Education Building
    ITEM: RFP/AE: Mechanical Systems Bldg 3 UpgradeMSHospital Water Supply
    RFP/AE: Engineering ServicesMSCollege/University
    RFP/AE: Architectural and Engineering ServicesMSMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFQ/AE: Architectural and Engineering ServicesMSMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFQ/AE: Architectural/Engineering ServicesMSMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFQ/AE: Architectural/Engineering ServicesMSMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFP/DB: Playground Equipment InstallationMSPark/Playground
    RFP/AE: 12th Avenue West Roadway and Utilities ImprovementsMTPaving Storm Sewer
    RFQ/AE: Krause Creek Restoration ProjectMTSite Development
    RFQ/AE: Bus Maintenance Facility (Downs Rd)NCVehicle Sales/Service
    RFQ/AE: Bus Maintenance Facility (Northpointe Industrial)NCVehicle Sales/Service
    RFQ/AE: Engineering ServicesNCStorm Sewer
    RFQ/AE: Brogden Hall Gymnasium Floor ImprovementNCAthletic Facility
    RFQ/AE: Carringer St Sanitary Sewer Collection Lines ImpvmtNCSanitary Sewer
    RFQ/DB: Elementary School CampusNCPrimary School Middle/Senior High School
    RFQ/AE: Sweeney WTP Ozone Generators UpgradeNCWater Treatment Plant
    Benton Roofing Office & ShopNCOffice Warehouse
    RFQ/AE: Virtual School Re-Model DevelopmentNCPrimary School Middle/Senior High School
    RFQ/AE: Jordan Hall HVAC (Renovations)NCCollege/University
    ITEM: RFQ/AE: Mechanical Engineering Services IQCNCMiscellaneous Education Building
    ITEM: RFP/AE: HVAC Systems Renovation and ReplacementNCMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFQ/AE: Smith Creek and Northern Regional Park ExpansionNCPark/Playground
    RFP/AE: General Engineering ServicesNDWater Line
    RFQ/AE: Engineering ServicesNDWater Line Water Tank
    RFQ/AE: Ash Coulee Drive ImprovementNDPaving Site Development
    Middle Logan Creek Flood Risk Management Phase 2NEFlood Control Paving Bridge Site Development Landscaping Storm Sewer Water Line
    Fillmore County Hospital Addition & RenovationNEHospital
    RFP/AE: Nicholas Street Storm Pump Station ImprovementsNESewage Treatment Plant
    Pine Ridge Job Corps Secondary WellNEOffice Water Treatment Plant
    Ground Product Facilities RepairNHPaving Park/Playground Storage Tank (Other)
    RFQ/AE: PSU Strength and Conditioning CenterNHCollege/University
    Service Gate ReplacementNHFlood Control
    ITEM: RFQ/AE: Flood Gates and Electrical Control ReplacementNHFlood Control
    Waterway Pier Structure No. W115.36 Interim (Repairs)NJDock/Pier
    RFP/AE: Darress TheatreNJTheater/Auditorium
    RFP/AE: Architectural ServicesNJMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFP/AE: Water Main ReplacementNJWater Line
    RFP/AE: Central Pumping Station UpgradesNJWater Treatment Plant
    RFP/AE: Architectural and Engineering ServicesNJMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFP/AE: University Commons Interior Design Phase 2 & 3NJCollege/University
    RFP/AE: 2021 Architectural and Engineering ServicesNJCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
    RFQ/AE: Green Infrastructure ProgramNJSite Development
    RFP/AE: INRMP Implementation ServicesNJSite Development
    RFQ/P/AE: Streetscape ImprovementsNJPaving
    RFP/AE: 2021-2022 Architectural/ Engineering Services (IDC)NJMiscellaneous Recreational Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall Fire/Police Station Prison/Jail
    ITEM: RFQ/AE: Mercury Abatement ConsultantNJMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFP/AE: Parking Lot UpgradeNJSidewalk/Parking Lot
    RFP/AE: Solid Waste FacilityNMDry Waste Treatment Plant
    Carrizozo Water System ImprovementsNMWater Treatment Plant
    Bldg 21386 Grounding System RepairsNMMilitary Facility
    RFQ : CE Wastewater Treatment FacilityNMSewage Treatment Plant
    RFP/CM: Fernley HS Gymnasium Dining and Kitchen ImprovementNVMiddle/Senior High School Miscellaneous Education Building
    RFQ/AE: 2021 Water & Wastewater Engineering ServicesNVWater Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plant
    RFQ/CM: Hixson Park Softball ProgramNVPark/Playground
    RFQ/GC: Streetlight and Street Name Sign Led ImprNVRoadway Lighting Paving
    RFQ/AE: Domestic Water System RemediationNYWater Line
    RFP/AE:ESA & Hazardous Building Materials Assessment Phase INYHazardous Waste Disposal
    RFP/AE: Structural Engineering Term Agreement IQCNYBridge
    RFQ/AE: Perna Science BuildingNYCollege/University
    RFP/AE: Skaneateles Gate HouseNYWater Treatment Plant
    RFP/AE: (2) Pump Stations Replacement-Water Main ReplacementNYWater Treatment Plant Water Line
    RFP/AE: Architectural and Engineering Services IQCNYOffice
    RFP/AE: Hadley Kitchen ImprovementNYOffice
    RFP/AE: Architectural and Engineering ServicesNYLibrary Paving
    RFQ/AE: Hudson Valley Regional Airport ImprovementNYAirline Terminal
    RFP/AE: Army Water Line & Sewer LinesNYSanitary Sewer Water Line
    RFP/AE: NY/DOT: Highway & Drainage EnhancementNYPaving Storm Sewer
    RFP/AE: NY/DOT: Region 10 Highway and Drainage EnhancementNYPaving Storm Sewer
    RFP/AE: NY/DOT: Various Bridges Emergency RepairsNYBridge
    ITEM: RFP/AE: Chlorine System ReplacementNYWater Line
    RFP/AE: Leland Ramp and Deck DesignNYSidewalk/Parking Lot
    Building Repairs SOURCES SOUGHTNYOffice
    RFP/AE: Stewart Ramp and Deck DesignNYDock/Pier
    RFP/AE: New Electric Department FacilityOHOffice
    RFQ/AE: MCI & NCCC (Correctional Facs) General RenovationsOHPrison/Jail
    RFQ/AE: Fisher Auditorium RenovationOHTheater/Auditorium
    ITEM: RFQ/AE: Population Management Nonlethal Fence-Ph4 RCOHPrison/Jail
    RFQ/AE: Rhodes Hall Phase 4 (Clark State College)OHCollege/University
    RFP/AE: SR 83/Chestnut Ridge Road Roundabout ImprovementOHPaving Bridge
    RFQ/AE: FY 21-22 Statewide Restroom ImprovementsOHMiscellaneous Recreational
    RFP/AE: Wagner Ford Road Bridge RehabilitationOHBridge
    RFQ/AE: Cricket Woods Lift Station & Force Main ReplacementOHWater Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plant
    RFQ/AE: Equipment Storage FacilityOHWarehouse
    RFP/CM: Ongoing Library Maintenance and Repairs IQCOHLibrary
    RFQ/AE/CM: HVAC & Stadium UpgradesOHStadium
    RFQ/AE: Junior & Senior High School Additions & RenovationsOHMiddle/Senior High School
    ITEM: RFQ/AE: IBMR Chiller ReplacementOHCollege/University
    RFQ/AE: HEERF Classroom Upgrade (Sinclair Community College)OHCollege/University
    RFQ/AE: Clark Island Wetland Restoration ProjectOHSite Development
    RFQ/DB: Facility Infrastructure/HVAC UpgradesOHMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFP/AE: Erosion and Channel StabilizationOHSite Development
    RFQ/DB: Canton Welcome SignOHHighway Signs/Guardrails
    RFP/AE: Barlow Farm Park Tennis & Pickleball Courts ImpvmtOHPark/Playground
    Connors State College President’s ResidenceOKCustom Homes College/University
    RFQ/AE: Engineering ServicesOKMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFP/AE: Architectural ServicesOKMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFQ/AE: North Rockford Road ImprovementsOKPaving
    RFQ/AE: La-Fortune Park Case Tennis CenterOKPark/Playground
    Colonia Paz II Affordable HousingORApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
    RFP/DB: San Marcos Water Reuse SystemORWater Supply
    Bonneville Old Navlock Bridge Replacement SOURCES SOUGHTORBridge
    Grove Phase 2 Residential BldgORApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
    Bonneville Bradford Island Fish Ladder Exit DredgingORDredging
    RFQ/AE: Affordable Housing DevelopmentORCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
    Oregon Coast Aquarium RenovationORAnimal/Plant/Fish Facility
    RFP/AE: Wayfinding and Signage DesignORHighway Signs/Guardrails
    RFP/AE: Manuel Rivero (Hall) Gymnasium Lincoln UniversityPACollege/University
    RFP/DB: PA/DOT: Traffic Control Bridge Structure Slope PipePAPaving Bridge
    RFP/AE: Brooks Hall Business SchoolPACollege/University
    RFP/AE: Ft. Indiantown Gap – Construct New AuditoriumPATheater/Auditorium
    RFP/CM: Construction Management ServicesPACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall Fire/Police Station
    St. Georges Substructure Bridge Repair SOURCES SOUGHTPAPaving Bridge
    RFP/AE: 2021 2022 Traffic Engineering Consultant ServicesPAPaving Bridge
    RFP/Developer: Parsonage Street RehabilitationPACustom Homes
    RFP/AE: North Central STU – HVAC UpgradesPACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
    RFP/AE: East Wing – Escalator/HVAC/CafePACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
    RFP/AE: SCI Waymart – Renovate Steam SystemPAHeating/Cooling Plant
    Texas Roadhouse Restaurant Williamsport PAPAFood/Beverage Service
    RFP/AE: Architectural and Engineering ServicesPAMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFQ/AE: Dirt and Gravel Road ImprovementPAPaving
    Citywide Site ImprovementsPASite Development
    RFP/AE: Fuel Tank ReplacementPAStorage Tank (Other)
    RFP/AE: Rebuilding Community InfrastructurePALibrary Miscellaneous Recreational Park/Playground
    RFP/AE: SCI Forest – Renovate Water TowerPAWater Tank
    RFP/AE: East Providence Senior Center ImprovementRIOffice Miscellaneous Recreational
    Lowes #2397 Tool Rental Addition – North Warwick RIRIRetail (Other)
    RFP/DB: Pier Romeo RecapitalizationSCDock/Pier
    Jedburg Spec WarehouseSCWarehouse
    Haven at Palmer Pointe ApartmentsSCApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
    ICAR Campbell Graduate Center Advanced Propulsion Lab UpfitSCCollege/University
    RFQ/AE: Gateway ProjectSCSewage Treatment Plant
    RFP/CM: Construction Management Service IQCSCMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFP/AE: Building Envelope Engineering Services 2021 IDIQSCCollege/University
    RFP/AE: Architectural Engineering Services(IDC)SCPrison/Jail
    Anderson Parking Garage Amenity Deck DevelopmentSCParking Garage
    RFQ/P/AE: Storm Water System ImprovementsSCStorm Sewer
    RFQ/AE: Fair Play Area Sewer Basin PlanSCStorm Sewer
    RFP/AE: Traffic Engineering ServicesSCRoadway Lighting
    RFP/AE: Engineering and Transportation ServicesSCPaving Site Development
    RFQ/AE: 2021 Mechanical Engineering Services (IDC)SCHospital Clinic/Medical Office
    RFQ/AE: 2021 Building Envelope Engineering Services (IDC)SCHospital Clinic/Medical Office
    RFQ/AE: 2021 Architectural Services (IDC)SCHospital Clinic/Medical Office
    RFQ/AE: 2021 Electrical Engineering Services (IDC)SCHospital Clinic/Medical Office
    RFP/AE: Comprehensive Affordable Housing PlanSCCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
    ITEM: RFP/AE: Electrical Engineering Services IQCSCOffice
    ITEM: RFP/AE: Roofing & Waterproofing Professional Servi IQCSCMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFP/AE : North Rd Complex Pylon Entrance SignageSCHighway Signs/Guardrails
    ITEM: RFP/AE: Electrical Engineering Services 2021SCCollege/University
    RFP/AE: Dam Maintenance IDIQSDWater Treatment Plant Flood Control Site Development
    RFP/AE: Architectural and Engineering Service IDIQSDPaving Site Development
    RFP/AE: Rock Castle New Event Center and Site ImprovementsTNMiscellaneous Recreational Site Development
    RFP/AE: WTSD Essential MaintenanceTNMiscellaneous Education Building
    ITEM: RFP/AE: Moccasin Bend MHI Electrical RepairsTNHospital
    RFP/AE: TSB Mechanical and Electrical System UpgradesTNMiscellaneous Education Building
    Fire Station 3TNFire/Police Station
    RFP/AE: MTRO Essential MaintenanceTNOffice
    RFP/AE: Tipton-Haynes Building and Site RepairsTNMuseum
    Humboldt Jr/Sr HS & School District Office RenovationsTNMiddle/Senior High School
    RFP/AE: Sewer Systems ImprovementTNStorm Sewer
    RFQ/AE: Countywide Architectural Design Services IQCTNOffice
    RFQ/AE: Taxiway Bravo South ReconstructTNAirline Terminal
    RFP/CM: New Mcewen High School and AdditionTNMiddle/Senior High School
    RFP/AE: Alvin C. York Institute Mechanical Essential MaintTNMiscellaneous Education Building
    ITEM: RFP/AE: Statewide Demolition of StructuresTNUnclassified
    RFP/AE: Western MHI Kitchen RepairsTNHospital
    RFP/AE: Sparta Rock House Building RepairsTNMuseum
    ITEM: RFQ/AE: Multiple School HVAC ProjectsTNPrimary School Miscellaneous Education Building
    Big South Fork NRRA – Road RepairsTNBridge
    RFQ/CM: New Buildings and Parking AreaTXParking Garage Miscellaneous Education Building
    RFQ/CM: Parnell ES Addition and RenovationTXPrimary School
    Costco Warehouse (Kyle TX)TXRetail (Other)
    RFQ/GC: Brazosport College JOCTXCollege/University Paving
    ITEM: RFP/DB: Boiler Building H-100 ReplacementTXMilitary Facility
    RFQ/AE: Southwest Texas Junior College IQCTXCollege/University
    Battalion HQ Complex UpgradesTXMilitary Facility
    RFP/CM: Transit Department ProjectsTXPassenger Terminal (Other) Sidewalk/Parking Lot Storm Sewer
    Two Worlds Multi Family Apartment BuildingTXApartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories
    RFP/CMAR: Promesa AcademyClassroom AdditionTXPrimary School
    RFQ/GC: Stolte Ranch PID Bridge and Roadway ProjectsTXPaving Bridge
    RFP/GC: 114 Depot Street ( renovate former City Hall)TXRetail (Other)
    RFQ/AE: ITS Traffic Engineering ServicesTXRoadway Lighting Paving
    RFQ/AE: Architectural ServicesTXMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFP/CM: Athletic Facility ImprovementsTXAthletic Facility
    RFP/AE: Cafetorium/KitchenTXFood/Beverage Service Miscellaneous Education Building
    RFQ/AE: Educational Building RenovationTXCollege/University
    RFP/AE: Civil Engineering ServicesTXMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFQ/AE:Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Engineering ServiceTXCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
    RFQ/AE: TX/DOT: Liberty Municipal AirportTXAirline Terminal Runway/Taxiway
    RFQ/AE: Drainage Improvement ProjectsTXStorm Sewer
    RFQ/AE: Structural Engineering Services IQCTXMiscellaneous Education Building Miscellaneous Recreational
    RFQ/AE: Artificial Turf Football FieldTXPark/Playground
    RFQ/AE: Lake Conroe Maintenance Facility ImprovementsTXVehicle Sales/Service
    RFQ/AE: Sweatt V Painter and East Mall memorial ImprovementTXCollege/University
    RFQ/CM: Few Primary School RenovationTXPrimary School
    RFQ/AE: Engineering ServicesTXPaving Site Development Storm Sewer
    RFQ/AE: Professional Engineering ServicesTXFlood Control
    RFQ/AE: Architectural & Engineering Services IQCTXApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
    RFQ/AE: Flood Plan IQCTXFlood Control Storm Sewer
    Bank Erosion Continuing Authorities RepairsTXBank Sanitary Sewer
    RFP/AE: Midtown – 138kv Gas Insulated SubstationTXElectric Substation
    RFP/AE: Kaufman County Transportation Bond ProgramTXPaving
    RFQ/AE: Korean War and Korean Defense MemorialTXSite Development
    RFP/DB: Southwest Key Headquarters Office RenovationsTXOffice
    RFQ/CM: Southeast Denton Neighborhood Area BTXSite Development
    RFP/AE: UU HMHI Receiving CenterUTHospital
    ITEM: RFP/DB: Tooele 2MW Solar PV ArrayUTMilitary Facility
    RFP/AE: Rainbow Cove Beach Campground ImprovementsUTPark/Playground
    RFP/AE: ACC Transplant BuildoutUTCollege/University
    RFP/CM/GC: Cold Springs Transmission Pipeline RehabUTWater Line
    Kent Booster Pump Station ReplacementUTWater Treatment Plant
    RFQ/AE: City and County Building Seismic RepairsUTOffice
    RFQ/GC: Hobble Creek Golf Course IrrigationUTWater Line
    RFP/AE: White Hill Well UpgradeUTWater Treatment Plant
    RFP/AE: Adventure HubUTPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Park/Playground
    Doran Tract WarehouseVAWarehouse
    RFQ/AE: Architectural ServicesVATheater/Auditorium Museum Roadway Lighting Paving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Park/Playground
    RFP/AE: Wastewater Engineering ServicesVAStorm Sewer Water Line
    RFP/DB: Moss 3 Reclamation ImprovementVAWater Treatment Plant Paving
    RFP/AE: Buckingham Courthouse RenovationVACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall Site Development
    Maintenance Shops RefurbishmentVABeach/Marina Facility
    RFP/AE: Engineering Services IQCVAPaving
    RFP/AE: 2510 Jefferson Avenue ImprovementVAPaving Site Development
    RFP/AE: Bicycle and Pedestrian Master PlanVAPaving
    RFP/CM: Alburgh Child Care Center ProjectVTMiscellaneous Education Building
    RFQ/AE: Water and Storm Water ImprovementsVTStorm Sewer Water Line
    RFQ/OR: Library and Town Center Building RepairsVTLibrary
    RFP/AE: South Street Sidewalk ImprovementsVTSidewalk/Parking Lot
    RFP/CM: Yesler Terrace Block 6.6 Juniper ApartmentWAApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
    RFP/AE: 30-Unit Apartment ComplexWAApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
    South Tacoma Way – 88th Street S to North City LimitsWARoadway Lighting Paving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Landscaping
    RFP/AE/PM: General Capital ProjectsWAOffice
    RFP/CM: Bridge Seismic RetrofitWABridge
    RFP/AE: Antoine Creek Fish Passage ProjectWAAnimal/Plant/Fish Facility
    RFP/AE: Gym Remodel ImprovementWAMiscellaneous Education Building Athletic Facility
    RFQ/AE: Sanitary Sewer Engineering Services IQCWASanitary Sewer
    RFQ/AE: New District Storage FacilityWAPrimary School Miscellaneous Education Building
    RFQ/AE: East Silver Creek Bridge No. 16 ReplacementWABridge
    RFP/AE: Hamilton Street ImprovementsWAPaving
    RFQ/AE: Center Drive Phase 6WAPaving
    RFP/AE: Bridge and Structural Engineering ServicesWABridge
    RFQ/AE: Portland Avenue Freight and Access ImprovementsWARoadway Lighting Paving
    The Neutral Project – Edison Apt/Retail w/Parking Milw, WIWIApartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories Retail (Other) Parking Garage
    ITEM: RFP/AE/CM: HVAC and HVAC ControlsWIMiddle/Senior High School Miscellaneous Education Building
    Mauston SD Elementary School (NEW)WIPrimary School
    Mauston High School Addition & RenovationsWIMiddle/Senior High School
    RFP/DB: Girls Softball Field DugoutsWIMiscellaneous Recreational
    Olson Middle School RenovationsWIMiddle/Senior High School
    RFP/AE: Grit Washer and Grit Pump UpgradeWISewage Treatment Plant
    Lyndon Station Elementary School RenovationsWIPrimary School Paving Landscaping
    Mauston SD Campus Site ImprovementsWISite Development
    Grayside Elementary School Addition & RenovationsWIPrimary School
    RFP/AE: WVU Co-working FacilityWVCollege/University
    RFP/AE: Boone Field HouseWVCollege/University
    RFQ/AE: WV/DOT: Drainage ImprovementsWVStorm Sewer
    ITEM: RFQ/AE: Mountain View School HVAC ReplacementWVMiscellaneous Education Building
    ITEM: RFP/AE: North Charleston &Mlk Centers HVAC ReplacementWVMiscellaneous Recreational
    Wy Flap 4071 Kortes Road SOURCES SOUGHTWYPaving Bridge Highway Signs/Guardrails
    RFP/AE: Airfield and Landside ImprovementsWYAirline Terminal Runway/Taxiway
    RFP/AE: East Yellowstone Intersection ImprovementWYPaving
    RFP/AE: Professional ServicesWYMiscellaneous Education Building
    ITEM: RFQ/AE: Exhaust Fan ReplacementWYCollege/University
    ITEM: RFQ/AE: Green River Center HVAC ReplacementWYCollege/University