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Robotics Are Revolutionizing Infrastructure Inspection

    Robot by DinosoftLab from the Noun Project

    It should come as no surprise that the nation’s infrastructure is in poor shape. The American Society of Civil Engineers has long been sounding the alarm with its recurring infrastructure report card, awarding the U.S. an alarmingly C- for 2021. (And that’s a marked improvement over the D+ overall score from the previous round, in 2017.)

    The questionable condition of our roads and bridges only foregrounds the necessity for safe and reliable inspections, a concern that Ron Stupi, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for building and infrastructure at Bureau Veritas North America, tackles in his column for the July/August 2021 issue of Roads & Bridges magazine. Spoiler alert: Stupi sees robotics transforming the inspection process, and producing dramatically safer and more reliable outcomes.

    Read Stupi’s full article THE DAWN OF ROBOTIC INSPECTION SERVICES FOR INFRASTRUCTURE SAFETY – published in This Safety Today column published as “Let’s Talk Robotics” in July/August 2021 issue