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Exploring GIS Data Visualization with the City of Muscatine + Esri

    For many organizations, digital project delivery is the first step to increasing project transparency.

    For the City of Muscatine, it became the foundation for providing real-time updates and decision-making tools for a wide range of project stakeholders, as well as streamlining key processes.

    In this new video case study, our panel of GIS technology users will explore:

    • How the city uses configurable GIS dashboards to display real-time project information
    • How the project management team cut down on project paperwork
    • How dashboards can be a valuable tool for transparency to taxpayers

    If your team is exploring ways to leverage GIS data for increased transparency and collaboration, this webinar is right up your alley.

    The more information we can provide to the directors, board members, council members and the citizens within our community, the better we are doing our job.”
    – Mark Yerington, GIS Manager, Muscatine Power and Water