The Evolution of Electronic Bidding in New Jersey

    When state agencies make the transition from paper bidding to electronic, it can feel like a switch is getting flipped. Everything from filing cabinets to postage stamps instantly feel like an artifact of the past. But while the benefits of e-bidding are sudden, the process of instituting it is often less so.  Check out this blog for a dive into the history of electronic bidding in New Jersey and the major milestones along the gradual march to the recently signed… Read More »The Evolution of Electronic Bidding in New Jersey

      Data Work Makes Data Work: Laying the Foundation for Analysis

      Agencies have a lot of data. Analyzing this data can provide valuable information to the agency, but often the agency does not have staff that are experienced in doing data analysis. Read this article, to understand how your agency can tackle data analysis with the right partner and mindset.

        Infotech and HDR Work Together to Expand BIM Solutions for Civil Infrastructure Projects

        Infotech, a leader in infrastructure construction software solutions, has announced a consulting collaboration with HDR to conduct an industry assessment of its current products and services in order to expand the company’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) offerings and its impact on digital delivery and advancing open data standards. As experts in the use of BIM and digital project delivery for transportation infrastructure, HDR will consult Infotech on the company’s strategic BIM for Infrastructure (BIMFi) plan.

          Supply Chain Woes Prompt Manufacturers to Reshore and Nearshore Production

          The ‘Covid-19 outbreak and the supply chain disruptions that followed prompted many U.S. manufacturers to abandon production in China and build new plants back home. Two years on, the trend continues unabated, Bloomberg and Yahoo! Finance both report. The construction of new manufacturing facilities in the US has soared 116% over the past year, dwarfing the 10% gain on all building projects combined, according to Dodge Construction Network. There are massive chip factories going up in Phoenix: Intel is building two just… Read More »Supply Chain Woes Prompt Manufacturers to Reshore and Nearshore Production

            A Nebraska Start-Up Eyes Power Line Inspection

            The U.S. electrical grid has been called the largest interconnected machine on Earth. The National Academy of Engineering put it at the top of its list of greatest 20th century engineering accomplishments. With great size comes great complexity, however, Silicon Prairie News reports. Over 200,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines and 5.5 million miles of local distribution lines link thousands of electricity-generating plants to homes, schools, companies and all manner of buildings, street lights, stoplights and other nodes of vital… Read More »A Nebraska Start-Up Eyes Power Line Inspection

              With Smart Cities, Technology Shouldn’t Be the Goal

              The urban IT movement known as “Smart Cities” offers a seemingly infinite toolset for making cities and their infrastructure more efficient. But tech isn’t the point, cautions Riad Meddeb and Calum Handforth of the United Nations Development Programme, in the pages of the MIT Technology Review. Truly smart cities recognize the ambiguity of lives and livelihoods, and they are driven by outcomes beyond the implementation of “solutions.” They are defined by their residents’ talents, relationships, and sense of ownership—not by… Read More »With Smart Cities, Technology Shouldn’t Be the Goal

                BIM for Infrastructure: On-Demand Webinar

                Building Information Modeling (BIM) is changing the way we build – so let’s talk about it. In this panel discussion on BIM, our experts cover everything from evolving data standards to the impacts of FHWA’s Every Day Counts initiatives. Have you been waiting for something that dives into BIM, specifically as it relates to the infrastructure industry? Watch this webinar for a discussion on the future of our industry, hosted by DCN Infrastructure partner, Infotech.

                  Is the Interest Rate Hike Slowing Construction?

                  Following the Federal Reserve’s recent increase in interest rates, consumer confidence has plummeted, manufacturing imports have decreased, and housing markets are cooling. The rate hike is the largest since the 1980s, CNBC reports. A corresponding decline in consumer sentiment and spending has been followed more recently by a slowdown in purchases of home appliances, DIY products, and construction materials. On the flip side, demand for clothing and sporting goods remains strong, perhaps due to vacation, return-to-work, and back-to-school shopping. Spending cutbacks… Read More »Is the Interest Rate Hike Slowing Construction?

                    The Benefits of a High-Level Market Analysis: On-Demand Webinar

                    Are you interested in pursuing more data analysis in your state? Learn more about the benefits of high-level market analysis in a new webinar. Several years ago, Infotech participated in a high-level market analysis for the state of West Virginia. The initial findings from that analysis launched an investigation that led to a $101.5 million settlement for the state. View this webinar, where details of that case are reviewed along with a deep dive into the benefits of a high-level… Read More »The Benefits of a High-Level Market Analysis: On-Demand Webinar

                      Case Study: Transportation Innovation as a Top Priority

                      Digital evolution. That was the City of Meriden’s answer to the time-consuming nature of federal compliance. By transitioning to cloud-based construction management, the Meriden team was able to improve data reporting to the DOT while adding more time for their inspectors in the field. View this case study where Director of Public Works Howard Weissberg and Engineering Consultant Josh Eannotti discuss how they leveraged federal grant funding to pilot new software on their infrastructure projects, as well as the efficiencies… Read More »Case Study: Transportation Innovation as a Top Priority