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U.S. Map of Active Public Bidding Opportunities During Coronavirus (COVID-19) as of June 2nd

    Written by Dodge Research on June 2, 2020

    14,300 active bidding opportunities, with over 4,000 added in the past week.
    The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak is having a significant impact on our daily lives. With most COVID-19 inspired limits and bans on construction now lifted across the country the sector will begin its recovery. However, with the country in recession the level of construction activity will be suppressed compared to levels seen over the past few years.

    From May 26th through June 1st over 4,000 new public bidding opportunities have been added to Dodge’s construction bidding opportunity database. This reflects the reality that many public projects continue to be going out for bid, as has been the case since mid-March. Across the U.S. most public entities have created and continue to employ safe processes to manage bidding, virtually and in other ways necessary, because of COVID-19.

    You can see a listing of construction related COVID-19 news articles that are updated daily here. Also, you can read some recent analysis of our own data here.

    Below is a color-coded U.S. map based indicating the number of currently active public bidding opportunities identified by Dodge within each state.

    To view a list of actively bidding opportunities, go here.